Pet Pills- The Best Way To Give Medication To Your Pets

Just like most people, pets don't like to take their medications. Regardless of what the pill recommended by the veterinarian is for, you will sure start to worry how to make your pet take it without struggling so hard. This task is one of the most challenging thing for most pet owners.

Some dogs and cats don't have much problems with taking their medications. If you're lucky enough, your pet will simply eat the tablet or pill you hold or place in front of them. But, what if your pet scratch, claw and scream when you give them their medication?

We'll, you don't have to lose hope since you're not alone. In this article, you will learn some tips to help you with the situation.

The use of pill pockets from is one of the best ideas you can also use for your own pet. Let's take a look on how to effectively use it.

1. Give empty pill pocket during the first few days. Doing this will get the interest of your pet until it will get used to it. Get more facts about pets at

2. When you notice that your pet is liking it, then you start inserting the pill but make sure it's far from the hollow and pinch the pocket's top. In this way, your pet will less likely smell the tablet.

3. You can use the pocket twice when the pill is small. Just use half of the pill pocket treat. When breaking the treat, be sure that the pill is soft substance is molded around it.

4. Take time to be there as your pet eats the pill pocket so you can be sure that it eats the medicine.

5. In case, your pet tasted the pill, it may not like to eat the pill pocket again. In this case, you might need to start again by giving empty pill pockets.

6. You can also try to mix the pill pocket to your pet's favorite food so it can still get its medication without even knowing it.

You can get pill pockets in local pet stores. These pill pockets at are enriched with vitamins and are made tasty to hide the taste of a pill. It also comes with flavors so the smell of the pill will not be noticed by your pet.

These hollow moist treats make it easier both for you and your pet to take its medication. With this, you will no longer have to spend long hours just to let your cats or dogs eat its pill.